Silhouette Solution Metabolic Reset

Most of us have experienced it – your computer starts slowing down, its usual functions stop responding, errors seem to compound into other errors – there’s no solution except to shut down the system and reboot!


Sometimes, a person’s metabolism requires a similar kind of reset. Are you eating the same way you always have, but are gaining weight? Have you tried cutting back without results? Do you weight loss efforts seem to produce only hunger and frustration? Is your weight OK, but chronic, nagging symptoms are taking the zest out of life? This is the time when a Metabolic RESET can make all the difference.

Just as the zeros and ones of binary code communicate the processor instructions in a computer, the foods you eat contain compounds that create communication signals to your cells. To give one very simplified example, when food is broken down and enters the bloodstream as glucose, cells in the pancreas release insulin.

But losing the signal isn’t the only way cellular malfunction can occur. In some people, the insulin signal is loud and clear – but the cells have ceased to listen! As a result, the cellular door does not open and the level of sugar in the blood stays high. Why do the cells turn a “deaf ear” to the signal? This can happen when they are overloaded by a constant signal, a scenario that is often the result of poor dietary choices.

This metabolic signal tells liver, muscle and fat cells to store sugar, clearing it from the blood stream. In type 1 diabetes the insulin-producing cells have ceased to function, the insulin signal to the cells has been lost, and blood sugar stays high.

When cells are constantly bombarded with a signal, they become resistant to the signal and cease to respond. This often happens with insulin – you’ve most likely heard of insulin resistance. But cells can also become resistant to the signals from other metabolic compounds involved in appetite and weight regulation.

While only your doctor can determine if you have these kinds of metabolic issues, there are things you can do from a dietary standpoint to help reboot your system. Our newest program – the Silhouette Solution Metabolic RESET (SSMetaRESET)-provides a specific dietary eating plan with supplementary nutrients and botanicals that can “push the RESET button” to help your system function more efficiently and effectively.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The Silhouette Solution program and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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