Prop 65

If you’re a resident of California or have spent time in the state recently, you’ve probably heard of Proposition 65 by now. Warning signs for Proposition 65 are on display across the state, from restaurants and gas stations to grocery stores and even Disneyland. Prop 65 also known as ‘the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act’ is unique to California and requires products sold in California to notify consumers about certain naturally occurring and synthetic chemical compounds they may contain.

Passed in 1986, Prop 65 lists over 900 substances, including lead, that businesses are required to warn consumers about. Now, while our ethos at Bioceutica is only to use the best of nature in our products, Lead is a natural element in soil, and trace amounts can be found in anything that comes from the earth - such as fruits, vegetables and plants. In fact, detectable lead can be found in a variety of food products that are considered integral to a healthy diet. As such under Prop 65, Bioceutica is required to provide consumer warnings on some of our products.

Our bodies are unable to absorb naturally occurring lead, and with certain natural products such as seeds and vegetables containing lead levels higher than the limit imposed by Prop 65, the legislation has put allowances in place to exempt natural products. While at Bioceutica we are confident that any naturally occurring lead in our products would also fall under this exemption, we believe it’s important to approach this issue with caution. To ensure we are complying with this legislation, we will be updating our packaging to include Prop 65 notifications.

So, are Bioceutica products safe?

As we’ve mentioned, Lead is a naturally occurring substance, and trace amounts can come from a wide range of natural sources, in fact, anything with any mineral content could make the list of substances that consumers must be notified of.

At Bioceutica we love our products, and we want to do everything we can to keep our customers healthy, happy and confident in their purchases.

The amount of lead in a handful of Bioceutica products is equal to what you’d find in organic produce. We can confidently say that if we ever had any doubts about the levels of naturally occurring lead in our products, we wouldn’t sell them.

We understand that seeing a warning label on a product, especially one formulated to provide health benefits can be worrying. However, to ensure we comply with Prop 65 certain products such as the SuperPOWER 3 Optigreens or Diuridex will now carry a prop 65 notification. At Bioceutica we want to confirm that we wholeheartedly believe in our products, and in our customers and hope we have helped ease any concerns you may have over prop 65. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer care team