Retaining the outward hallmarks of youth—supple skin, shiny hair, and strong nails—are natural goals for all of us as we gain the wisdom and experience of passing years. Fortunately, we live at a time when science can provide sophisticated skincare products—such as Bioceutica’s advanced Intuitiv® By Nature skin and hair care line—to help us achieve these goals. However, although the old adage states, “beauty is only skin deep,” we all know there is much more to the story. True beauty starts from within. On that basis, Bioceutica created Lumatrix. With a rich blend of skin, hair and nail-nourishing nutrients and UV-protective agents, Lumatrix is a natural complement to your topical personal care program.

Lumatrix is available as a set special with Intuitiv By Nature ProYouth Hair Repair products and is also the perfect compliment to Intuitiv By Nature skincare, a proactive product regimen designed to nourish and protect aging skin from the outside in.


  • The collagen matrix that supports healthy skin, hair, and nails contains a major amino- acid building block—L-hydroxyproline—which provides beneficial effects on skin moisture, firmness, and elasticity when applied topically and when taken internally. Lumatrix contains an advanced oral form of this essential collagen ingredient—Lumistor®—as an integral component.

  • Lumatrix also includes an innovative patented extract from select Italian olives—Opextan®. Containing a unique profile of standardized antioxidant polyphenols, Opextan helps defend the skin against the UV oxidative damage related to wrinkle formation, skin thinning, and moisture loss.

  • As a synergistic partner, a special pine bark extract is part of the Lumatrix blend. Standardized to contain 95% natural proanthocyanidins, pine bark extract provides flavonoids and bioactive compounds to support tissues containing collagen and elastin.

  • Two special foundation nutrients—vitamin C and biotin—are also a part of the Lumatrix formulation. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient co-factor required for collagen synthesis. Biotin is a water-soluble compound required for the metabolism of amino acids and fatty acids, especially important for glowing skin, lustrous hair, and strong nails.

  • Our proprietary ProYouth™ Skin, Hair, Nails Complex is a concentrated blend of nutrients providing beneficial targeted effects. Green-tea extract, along with the carotenoids, astaxanthin and lycopene, delivers natural antioxidant support to help preserve elasticity. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a building block of keratin, the chief structural component of hair and nails, and also plays a vital role in the structural framework of skin tissue. The perennial herb, horsetail, is one of the richest plant sources of natural silica, a mineral that contributes to collagen-matrix synthesis.

As Part of Your Plan
Adding Lumatrix to your topical skin and hair care regime will provide a dynamic, synergistic program to promote beauty naturally—from without and within. For even better results, cover all your nutritional bases and reap the additional benefits of customized nutrition by pairing Lumatrix with Custom Essentials®, Bioceutica’s science-based, multivitamin/mineral supplement.

Take 2 capsules one time daily OR as directed by your healthcare professional.

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 60