The PrivaTest® with Prime Essentials


Your body knows what it needs.

Your body is unique. Your body’s metabolism is unique. And your nutritional needs are unique. However, the trouble with most vitamins – drugstore multivitamins and expensive supplements from nutrition and health food stores – is that they don’t take your uniqueness into account. They leave you with too much of some nutrients, too little of others, or none at all of those your body really needs.

Those "one-size-fits-all" products can’t give you what you need because they are created for a hypothetical "average" person. No such person exists. On top of that, many of their ingredients are in hard-to-absorb forms, or isolated from their synergistic nutrient partners – facts which greatly reduce their effectiveness.

To see how close you are to custom nutrition, listen to the Custom Nutrition Overview. You can also download the PrivaTest Instruction PDF here. And the Custom Essentials Ingredients PDF here..

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It starts with the PrivaTest.

Leading nutritionists now agree that you need to customize your vitamins to your unique metabolic needs. And in order to do that, you first need to test.

Bioceutica’s MyVitaminsRX PrivaTest® takes the confusion out of supplementing with easy collection of a urine sample in the privacy of your home, and analysis by a world-renowned laboratory. The test determines cellular function by measuring markers in three critical areas of your metabolism:

  • Urinary Sulfate - A marker for sulfur reserves.
  • Urinary ADMA - A marker for the regulation of nitric oxide.
  • Urinary Deoxyguanosine (DOG) - A marker for oxidative damage to your DNA.

Prime Essentials® prepare you for customized nutrition.

Prime Essentials are a high quality, non-customized multivitamin formula designed to do just that. When you order your PrivaTest, we send you a 30-day supply of Prime Essentials to start taking right away. Prime Essentials is also an excellent general multivitamin supplement for those who, for any reason, prefer not to test.

You will continue to receive Prime Essentials in your monthly Autoship, and you will be charged for them each month, until you send in your PrivaTest and begin receiving your Custom Essentials.