B•Intuitiv Facial Regimen Set


Five products and four simple steps to a visible skin transformation. Formulated with a focus on wellness, the Intuitiv facial regimen goes beyond anti-aging to address the major signs and causes of premature aging. The unique benefits of each product are maximized through systematic layering and delivery of B•8 ProYouth Technology™ deep into skin. Skin is immediately firmer, smoother and more radiant looking. Protection from future damage allows it to remain healthy and youthful looking for longer.

  • B•Clear Deep Pore Cleanse — 3.0 fl oz | 88 mL
  • B•Balanced Firm + Tone Serum — 1.7 fl oz | 50 mL
  • B•Bright Eye Gel — 0.5 fl oz | 15 mL
  • B•Protected Day Cream — 1.7 fl oz | 50 mL
  • B•Renewed Night Cream — 1.7 fl oz | 50 mL



  • Step 1:   B•Clear Deep Pore Cleanse—Gently removes deep impurities while enhancing hydration.

  • Step 2:   B•Balanced Firm + Tone Serum—Delivers a concentrated dose of actives to balance uneven tone and texture for a more radiant complexion.

  • Step 3:  B•Bright Eye Gel—Visibly calms, brightens and firms to awaken tired eyes.

  • Step 4 Day:  B•Protected Day Cream—Scientifically proven botanical extracts protect against oxidative stress and premature aging.

  • Step 4 Night:  B•Renewed Night Cream—Nourishing cream hydrates, sooths and supports skin renewal at night.

B•8 ProYouth Technology delivers key ingredients to proactively address the visible signs and underlying causes of premature skin aging. Each product starts with a nourishing and hydrating base of pure Coconut Water. The system is strategically formulated to deliver a concentrated combination of actives including: Sacha Inchi Oil, Peptides, Green Tea Extract, Kombucha, Coffee Berry Extract, Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil, Lumistor® L-Hydroxyproline, Chestnut Rose Extract, Sea Fennel Extract, Maritime Pine Bark Extract, Bilberry Extract, Glycyrrhentinic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba, and Argan Oil.

Intuitiv By Nature is a system of gentle yet effective daily and treatment products designed to work for all skin types. For best results, follow directions as found on each product.