MyVitamins Intro Set


We all have unique needs we experience as we mature. Bioceutica MyVitamins is based on proven and effective science, offering the solution for those common age-related problems we experience within our lives. Begin with our most popular products to help address the concerns we hear the most!

The MyVitamins Intro Set includes:

  • PrivaTest with Prime Essentials because you are uniquely yourself. With our innovative, one of a kind, at-home test, find out what your biochemical individuality needs to help restore nutrient balance.
    Customized supplements made just for you!
  • FlexCaps for your aching joints from an active lifestyle.
    Supports flexible, comfortable joint movement in your daily health plan.
  • Omegarin because you do not get enough fatty acids in your daily diet.
    This dietary supplement provides both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.
  • Proflorin to ensure processed foods are not creating an imbalanced bacterial population, also known as bad bugs crowding out the good bugs.
    Helps promote the growth of the important bacteria ensuring a healthy intestinal balance.
  • Lights Out because you suffer from a sleep disturbance and don’t want a prescription.
    Created to support a solution to a natural sleep rhythm.